News and Headlines. 5/10/2018

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U.S. ‘net neutrality’ rules will end on June 11: FCC

The FCC in December repealed the Obama-era open-internet rules set in 2015, which bars providers from blocking or slowing down access to content or charging consumers more for certain content.

The prior rules were intended to ensure a free and open internet, give consumers equal access to web content and bar broadband service providers from favoring their own material or others.

The new rules require internet providers to tell consumers whether they will block or slow content or offer paid “fast lanes.”

In The News:

Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un set for June 12 in Singapore, president says

The summit is set.

President Trump tweeted Thursday that his “highly anticipated meeting” with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will take place in Singapore on June 12.

“The highly anticipated meeting between Kim Jong Un and myself will take place in Singapore on June 12th. We will both try to make it a very special moment for World Peace!” Trump tweeted.

Poll: Democratic Advantage Vanishes Before Midterm Evaporating

The Democratic leadership defied the pressures from the catastrophic loss of Hillary Clinton by refusing to change its leadership, particularly the deeply unpopular minority leader Nancy Pelosi.
It has also gone “all in” on issues like immigration that deeply divide the country.

Now, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, shows that the Democrats’ once towering edge over Republicans going into the mid term elections has largely disappeared.

Ingraham: Killjoy Democrats versus an optimistic nation

One by one, Trump continues to fulfill his ‘America First’ campaign promises and this is driving his critics in both parties bonkers.

Lawsuit challenges campus ‘Bias Response Teams’

First-of-kind federal lawsuit against the University of Michigan challenges constitutionality of ‘Bias Response Teams,’ says they violate freedom of speech.

Tennessee Refugee Resettlement Decision Appealed — A Fight For State Sovereignty

ANN ARBOR, MI – Informed by Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts’ observation that, “The States are separate and independent sovereigns. Sometimes they have to act like it,” Tennessee has authorized the Thomas More Law Center (“TMLC”) to appeal the dismissal of its lawsuit which challenged the constitutionality of the federal refugee resettlement program.

Although Tennessee officially withdrew from this federal program in 2007, the federal government continues, to this day, to commandeer state tax dollars to fund it.

California Energy Commission approves plan requiring solar panels on new homes

(CNN) — People wanting to buy a new home in California may soon face an additional upfront expense: solar panels that will reduce energy use.

The California Energy Commission voted unanimously on Wednesday to adopt new energy efficiency standards, which would make the panels a requirement.

Google Bans Pro-Life Ads Ahead of Ireland Vote to Legalize Abortion

Earlier this week, Facebook announced similar plans, though with a more limited scope. Only abortion-related ads from Irish sources will be allowed ahead of the vote. Both claimed they are concerned about foreign groups influencing the election through ads on their platforms.

However, the announcements may be concerning to pro-lifers, given the influence and liberal bias of the two top media platforms in the world. Facebook and Google have strong biases against the pro-life argument. Their platforms have censored and blocked pro-life information while allowing pro-abortion activists to post lies and deceptions openly.

National Guard making impact at US-Mexico line, Customs and Border Protection agency says

National Guard troops deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border following President Donald Trump’s April directive have freed U.S. Customs and Border Protection personnel to apprehend an additional 1,600 people illegally crossing into the U.S., CBP officials said.

The approximately 775 National Guard troops have also helped capture 1,000 pounds of marijuana and turn back 451 people who attempted to illegally cross the border, the Washington Examiner reported.

Scientist, 104, ends life at assisted-suicide clinic in Switzerland

A renowned 104-year-old Australian scientist died Thursday, ending his life in a medically assisted suicide at a Swiss clinic.

David Goodall, who is not terminally ill, happily sang a few bars of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony at a news conference Wednesday on the eve of his assisted suicide in Basel. He told reporters that he was “happy to have the chance tomorrow to end it.”

Trump greets American detainees freed from North Korea

When three Americans newly freed from detention in North Korea arrived at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland early Thursday, President Donald Trump was there to greet them.

The president was joined by first lady Melania Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

A motorcade was waiting to take the three Korean-American detainees — Kim Dong Chul, Kim Hak Song and Tony Kim — to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for physical examinations.

Trump Era Brings Home 14 Unjustly Detained Americans and Counting

U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration — less than a year and a half into its tenure — has helped secure the release of at least 14 Americans, including three children born in captivity to an American woman and her Canadian husband held by the Afghan Taliban and al-Qaeda-linked Haqqani Network.

Marking the latest in a series of victories by the Trump administration in winning the release of Americans held abroad are the three U.S. citizens liberated this week by the murderous and oppressive North Korean regime.

Dinesh D’Souza: Rosie O’Donnell should be prosecuted – like I was – if she violated campaign finance law

The New York Post recently reported that “Rosie O’Donnell made illegally over-sized campaign donations to at least five Democratic federal candidates, according to a Post analysis of campaign filings.”

The Post story goes on to state: “The liberal comedian has regularly broken Federal Election Commission rules limiting the total any one person can give to an individual candidate at $2,700 per election. The limit applies separately to primaries, runoffs and general elections.”

If the Post story is accurate, federal prosecutors have an obligation to charge O’Donnell with violating campaign finance law and to put her on trial.

FBI raids home of California mayor, city hall and marijuana dispensary in connection with corruption probe

Federal agents raided the home of a California mayor and his city’s town hall as a part of large-scale investigation into possible corruption, according to multiple reports.

The FBI executed search warrants on Adelanto City Hall and the home of Mayor Rich Kerr on Tuesday as a part of a federal probe into the city’s role in the growing marijuana industry, the San Bernardino Sun reported.  As a part of the targeted raids, agents also served a search warrant to a local marijuana dispensary, the Jet Room.

Former FBI Director Comey Consulted with Mueller on Russia Testimony

A government watchdog group revealed Thursday that former FBI Director James Comey was advised by senior FBI officials to seek Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s advice prior to testifying before “any congressional committee” about President Donald Trump’s campaign and its alleged collusion with Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election, according to new emails obtained by Judicial Watch reveal.

Comey was also advised to seek Mueller’s counsel on the circumstances surrounding his firing by Trump before providing testimony to Congress, the Department of Justice emails obtained by Judicial Watch reveal. It is the first time evidence reveals there was coordination between the Special Counsel and Comey in the long drawn out controversial Mueller investigation.

Mom, 25, is ‘CEO’ of huge Minnesota meth trafficking ring, prosecutors say

A Minnesota woman who said she was a mother of two was unmasked recently as the “CEO” of one of the biggest meth trafficking rings the state has ever seen, prosecutors said.

Macrina Perez, 25,
Macrina Perez, 25, is accused of being the “CEO” of one of the biggest meth operations in Minnesota. (DOJ)

Macrina Perez was arrested in April at the U.S.-Mexico border on charges brought forth nearly two years ago in a sealed indictment that relied on several informants, whose identities remain hidden still, the Star Tribune reported. The 25-year-old with ties to Minnesota and Mexico was arrested following a May 2016 meth bust at the Brooklyn Center stash house.

NY couple arrested after faking son’s cancer for cash, authorities say

Authorities in New York said Monday that they arrested a couple who allegedly falsely claimed their child had cancer and swindled thousands of dollars in donations from a GoFundMe account created for the boy.

Martin and Jolene LaFrance, both 35, were arrested Friday
Martin and Jolene LaFrance, both 35, were arrested Friday and charged with one count each of scheme to defraud in the first degree and endangering the welfare of a child. (Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office)

Martin and Jolene LaFrance, both 35 years old and of Port Byron, New York, were arrested Friday after a months-long investigation and charged with one count each of first degree scheme to defraud and endangering the welfare of a child, the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release on Facebook.

Georgia dad tackles man who allegedly attacked girl, 11, in mall bathroom

A Georgia man who allegedly attacked an 11-year-old girl in a mall bathroom was subsequently tackled by the girl’s father and other shoppers, local authorities said.

The 11-year-old girl, whose identity has not been released, was at the Town Center Mall in Cobb County with her father on Tuesday evening.

She was inside the women’s restroom located in the mall’s food court when a man, later identified as Danzell Mitchell, 26, allegedly attacked the girl and held her at knifepoint, Deputy Chief VanHoozer with the Cobb County Police Department said during a press conference on Wednesday.

Danzell Mitchell,
Danzell Mitchell, the 11-year-old girl’s suspected attacker. (Cobb County Sheriff’s Office)

Man arrested after allegedly offering to buy a child from her grandmother

MARIETTA, Ga — A man is in jail after allegedly offering to buy a woman’s 7-year-old granddaughter for $200.

Einodd Samimi has been charged with enticing a child and criminal solicitation.

Samimi’s arrest stems from a May 7, 2018, incident at a Marietta Kroger on Roswell Road.

2 Chicago officers charged with stealing drugs, cash

Two Chicago police officers have been charged with lying to judges to obtain search warrants and then stealing cash and drugs from the properties they searched, federal prosecutors announced Thursday.

According to a federal indictment, Xavier Elizondo and David Salgado have been charged with federal counts of embezzlement and conspiracy to commit theft. Salgado is also charged with making false statements to the FBI.

Army hospital ear transplant surgery reportedly done with ear ‘grown’ in soldier’s arm

Physicians at an Army medical facility in Texas were able to surgically give a soldier a brand new ear that was “grown” in her arm after she lost the use of her own following a car accident, according to a report Monday.

Physicians at William Beaumont Army Medical Center reportedly did a total ear reconstruction
Physicians at William Beaumont Army Medical Center reportedly did a total ear reconstruction surgery on a soldier who lost the use of her own after a car accident. (DVIDS – U.S. Army, Lt. Col. Owen Johnson III)

Surgeons at William Beaumont Army Medical Center (WBAMC) were able to craft the new ear for Pvt. Shamika Burrage, 21, by using cartilage from her rib cage, which was inserted beneath the skin on her arm in order to develop new blood vessels in a process called neovascularization, according to an article by the U.S. Army detailing the total ear reconstruction.

World News:

Israel’s takedown of Iranian targets in Syria proves military, compared to Tehran’s, packs a powerful punch

Israel’s unprecedented Thursday counter-strike on Iranian infrastructure in Syria, following the Islamic Republic’s own brazen rocket attack on Israeli military positions, brought the war-making capabilities of both Middle Eastern countries into stark relief as already simmering tensions begin to reach a boil.

May 10, 2018: An Israeli Tank drives in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights,
May 10, 2018: An Israeli Tank drives in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, near the border with Syria. (AP)

The pre-dawn barrage flattened Iranian military compounds, intelligence facilities and munition warehouses in Syrian territory, Israel said, describing the assault as the nation’s largest air operation in years. It came after Iran fired around 20 missiles toward the Israeli military stationed in the volatile Golan Heights region, in what reportedly is the first time Iran has attacked Israel from Syria.

Dec. 15, 2013: An Israeli Air Force F-15I fighter jet takes off
Dec. 15, 2013: An Israeli Air Force F-15I fighter jet takes off during an air force pilots’ graduation ceremony at Hatzerim air base in southern Israel . (Reuters)

“We don’t want an escalation, but won’t let anyone attack us or build an infrastructure to attack us in the future,” Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Thursday, calling it “a new phase” in their longtime rivalry.

Israel strikes ‘nearly all’ Iranian infrastructure in Syria after Iran rocket attack, minister says

Israel said it struck “nearly all” of the Iranian infrastructure sites in Syria on Thursday, in direct response to a barrage of Iranian rocket fire targeting Israeli military positions in the Golan Heights.

Missile fire is seen from Damascus, Syria, May 10, 2018.  (Reuters)
Missile fire is seen from Damascus, Syria, May 10, 2018. (Reuters)

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) said it deployed fighter jets that struck every target on its list. The targets included military compounds, intelligence operations and munition warehouses, a statement read. The strikes were Israel’s largest air operation in years, the statement read.

The missile launcher responsible for the Iranian rocket strikes was destroyed, according to the release.

Israel and Iran trade fire in most direct confrontation yet

TEL AVIV, Israel — In the most direct confrontation between Israel and Iran to date, the two regional enemies exchanged fire for hours during a volatile night in the Golan Heights.

The extended barrage of fire comes amid soaring tensions between Israel and Iran, two rivals battling for regional influence, and less than two days after the United States withdrew from the deal to curb Iran’s nuclear program.

Russia Will ‘Continue Closely Coordinating’ With Iran After U.S. Backs Out Of Iran Deal

The Russian Foreign Ministry released a statement Thursday following a meeting between diplomatic leaders between Russia and Iran stating they will “continue closely coordinating their efforts” with Iran on the JCPOA.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov consulted with Abbas Araghchi, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for political affairs, in Tehran following the United States withdrawal from the Iran Deal Tuesday.

US sanctions hit Iran Revolutionary Guard currency network

The US Treasury together with the United Arab Emirates announced action to disrupt an alleged “large scale” currency exchange network run by Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

In the first such action since President Donald Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear accord on Tuesday, the Treasury announced sanctions against six Iranian individuals and three companies tied to the IRGC who were part of the network, which it said handled “hundreds of millions” of dollars in exchange transactions.

After permission in Växjö, Swedish Muslims now want to send calls to prayer all over the country

Getting permission for the call to prayer in Växjö was just the beginning for Sweden’s Muslims. While a clear majority of Swedes are against broadcasting the Call to Prayer, Muslims now seem to want them all over the country, Fria Tider reports.

Avdi Islami, spokesman of Växjö’s Muslim Foundation, explains that he wants more mosques to do the same as in Växjö and apply for permission for prayer calls, so that the Muslim message can be heard across the country.

Man imprisoned in Vietnam for posting dissent on Facebook

A court in Vietnam has sentenced a Facebook user to 4 ½ years in jail for posts that the court said distorted the political situation in the country and opposed the ruling Communist Party and the state.

A state-run newspaper said Bui Hieu Vo, 56, was convicted of conducting anti-state propaganda at the one-day trial Wednesday in the People’s Court in Ho Chi Minh City.


I Predict the Boy Scouts Will Soon Abandon Their Oath to God

Many Catholic and Protestant churches have already fled the once-storied program – leading to a drop of more than 10 percent since 2013. That was the year the BSA decided to open its membership to gay scouts.

In the aftermath, Trail Life USA was birthed – a faith-based scouting organization that has a membership of more than 26,000 troops in 48 states. Click here for information on Trail Life USA.

The Boy Scouts did not have to capitulate to the social justice warriors. They had the Supreme Court on their side. They had the American people on their side. But instead of standing up to the bullies — they backed down.

The Obama Legacy Deserves To Be Destroyed

It’s strange that a president who had such a transformative effect on our national discourse will leave such a negligible policy legacy. But Barack Obama, whose imperial term changed the way Americans interact and in some ways paved the way for the Trump presidency, is now watching his much-celebrated and mythologized two-term legacy be systematically demolished. This, in many ways, tells us that American governance still works.

When Donald Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the Iran deal, he could do so without much difficulty because the agreement hinged on presidential fiat rather than national consensus. But Obama’s appeasement of Iran was only one in a string of unilateral norm-busting projects that deserve to be dismantled.

The danger ignorance of history poses to the future of a free society

The failure of a history curriculum in schools

A recent survey attempting to gauge knowledge of U.S. history produced some discouraging results:

*More Americans could identify Michael Jackson as the composer of “Beat It” and “Billie Jean” than could identify the Bill of Rights as a body of amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

More than 50% of respondents attributed the quote, “From each according to his ability to each according to his needs,” to either Thomas Paine, George Washington or Barack Obama. The quote is from Karl Marx, author of “The Communist Manifesto.”

Keep Your Mouth Shut

The blockbuster hit A Quiet Place is an allegory of American political culture.

John Krasinski’s new sci-fi thriller, A Quiet Place, has racked up big numbers at the box office. Fans and critics alike are intrigued by a movie about sightless creatures taking over the Earth. Using their super-acute hearing to hunt and destroy by sound, these deadly beasts have just about eliminated all resistance. Here and there, die-hard humans survive by maintaining total silence.

There is something haunting about a post-apocalyptic world in which it’s clearly understood that those who control mainstream communications are both powerful and intolerant. Speak out of turn and you’ll pay for it. A Quiet Placegoes a step further: say anything and you’ll die.


Mac DONALD: “Right. You are going to have the disappearing of men gradually. And it is not going to be a good thing for our culture. There is toxic masculinity is a concept that is embraced by the left, it applies to a few men, not all men, but we are trying to now basically erase the male from our culture.”

Platform, or Publisher?

If Big Tech firms want to retain valuable government protections, then they need to get out of the censorship business.

The Internet Association, which represents Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other major platforms, claims that Section 230 is necessary for these firms to “provide forums and tools for the public to engage in a wide variety of activities that the First Amendment protects.” But rather than facilitate free speech, Silicon Valley now uses Section 230 to justify censorship, leading to a legal and policy muddle. For instance, in response to a lawsuit challenging its speech policies, Google claimed that restricting its right to censor would “impose liability on YouTube as a publisher.” In the same motion, Google argues that its right to restrict political content also derives from its “First Amendment protection for a publisher’s editorial judgments,” which “encompasses the choice of how to present, or even whether to present, particular content.”

The dominant social media companies must choose: if they are neutral platforms, they should have immunity from litigation. If they are publishers making editorial choices, then they should relinquish this valuable exemption. They can’t claim that Section 230 immunity is necessary to protect free speech, while they shape, control, and censor the speech on their platforms. Either the courts or Congress should clarify the matter.