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News and Headlines. 2/20/2018

Peter Wang, 15, was one of the students killed in Florida this past week.

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Petition Seeking Full Military Burial Honors for Florida’s Hero JROTC Cadet Goes Viral

A petition was launched seeking full military burial honors for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High student Peter Wang, the JROTC cadet who helped save lives at the cost of his own during the murderous rampage by a fellow student at a Florida high school.

According to other students, the 15-year-old Wang, a member of the school’s JROTC program, “was holding a door to let other students out before him” as alleged attacker Nikolas Cruz aimlessly roamed the halls of the school, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Peter Wang, 15, was one of the students killed in Florida this past week.

Peter Wang JROTC The petition posted to WhiteHouse.gov is urging the U.S. military to afford the hero a military funeral and asks for Wang to receive full military honors.

The young man hoped to attend the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Wang, who was wearing his JROTC uniform during the assault, was shot and killed after helping others to flee the shooter. Supporters say that the young man “died a hero.”

Nunes Demands Answers from Senior Obama Officials on Steele Dossier

The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee sent numerous letters Tuesday to former high-ranking Obama administration officials demanding full disclosure of their knowledge of the controversial and unverified dossier that sparked the investigation into allegations alleging collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russia in the 2016 presidential elections, according to a letter obtained by this reporter.

In The News:

Army awards heroism medals to JROTC cadets killed in Florida school shooting

Three junior ROTC cadets who were killed in the Florida high school shooting last week will be honored with heroism medals by the U.S. Army.

A spokesman for the U.S. Army told Fox News on Tuesday that Cadet Command approved Junior ROTC Heroism Medals for cadets Alaina Petty, Peter Wang and Martin Duque.

Photos=> Student School Massacre Survivors and CBS Reporter Party Like Rock Stars

The photos featuring CBS reporter Gisela Perez and the students were posted by CBS This Morning staffer Caroline West and student activist Cameron Kasky. The photos come off as if they were promo stills for Glee: The High School Massacre.


Following the publication of the TGP article, CBS’s Caroline West deleted the tweet with the photo.

David Hogg Can’t Remember His Lines When Interviewed for Florida school shooting

EXPOSED: School Shooting Survivor Turned Activist David Hogg’s Father in FBI, Appears To Have Been Coached On Anti-Trump Lines 

In less than a week since they survived a mass murdering gunman attack on their school, two student who quickly became media stars of the Parkland, Florida school shootings are now media obsessed to the point they say they are snubbing an invitation to meet with President Donald Trump this Wednesday in favor of appearing on a televised town hall with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

One student, in particular, David Hogg has been astonishingly articulate and highly skilled at propagating a new anti-Conservative/anti-Trump narrative behind the recent school shooting. Few have seen this type of rapid media play before, and when they have it has come from well-trained political operatives and MSM commentators.

Katie Hopkins of TheRebel.media “calls BS on blaming Trump and the NRA” for the Parkland, Florida school shooting

Bongino: ‘Criminals Don’t Give a Damn’ About Gun Laws or Any Other Laws

On “Outnumbered” on Tuesday, Dan Bongino slammed calls for stricter gun control legislation in the wake of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Bongino, a former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer, said it’s frustrating that the debate about how to prevent mass shootings is primarily focused on new gun laws.

Texas teen thought to be robbery victim now accused of setting up her friend

SPRING, Texas – A teenage girl who was initially believed to be one of two victims in a Houston-area carjacking and robbery Friday night is now a suspect, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

Susan Marie Mize, 17, and an alleged 16-year-old accomplice face charges of felony aggravated robbery. Authorities have also identified a third suspect, a 15-year-old, and are filing a warrant for his arrest.

Bridgeport Police give updates after they say a man stabbed his niece to death

BRIDGEPORT — A Bridgeport man is facing murder charges after police said he stabbed his 16-year-old niece to death.

Police said that on Monday night at around 10:15, Richard Segabiro, 31, called police dispatch and said that he just killed his 16-year-old ‘daughter’. Police rushed to the scene at 2292 Fairfield Avenue.

Friends: Jehovah’s Witnesses shunning drove Keego Harbor mom to murder-suicide

Last week, Stuart shot and killed her husband and two adult children, and then killed herself. Police found the bodies Friday morning while responding to a call from a concerned relative.

The tragedy sent longtime family friend Joyce Taylor reeling as she and others say they believe the murder-suicide was the result of shunning by the Jehovah’s Witnesses. She said the Stuarts left the religion more than five years ago because of “doctrinal and social issues.”

Georgia blaze involving 20 homes was started by woman who lost hers in divorce, fire officials say

A woman living alone in a home awarded to her husband in a divorce started a fire in the living room that quickly spread to 19 other houses, causing more than $1 million in damage, according to reports on Tuesday.

The woman, whom officials identified as Adrienne Satterly, 41, started a blaze in a stack of mattresses early Sunday in her home in Hiram, then drove off with her two cats, WSB-TVreported.

WaPo Gives Sanders Four Pinocchios for False ‘Gun Show Loophole’ Claim

The Washington Post‘s fact-checker gave Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) four Pinocchios, its worst rating, for inaccurate claims he made about gun sales without background checks.

Sanders said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday that “We have to end the absurdity of the gun show loophole. Forty percent of the guns in this country are sold without any background checks.”

According To The FBI, Knives Kill Far More People Than Rifles In America – It’s Not Even Close

Knives kill far more people in the United States than rifles do every year.

In the wake of the horrific school shooting in Florida last week, the debate over guns in America has surged again to the forefront oft the political conversation.

Michael Moore participated in anti-Trump rally allegedly organized by Russians

Michael Moore, the polemical filmmaker who has long accused President Trump of colluding with Russians, posted videos and pictures of himself participating in a protest in Manhattan that was allegedly organized by Russians in November 2016.

Prosecutors said Friday that the Russians indicted for meddling in the presidential campaign were also behind anti-Trump rallies that occured after the election.

New York State Attorney General’s Office Complicit in Fake Facebook Profile to Persecute Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselors 

During last Thursday’s cross-examination by Brooks, the witness admitted creating the Facebook page under the fake name of Shelly Walker. The witness described her elaborate scheme to entrap the unwary pro-life counselors named in the Attorney General’s lawsuit. She went to great lengths to invent an entirely fictitious identity; using someone else’s photo she had found on the internet, listing her occupation as a bank teller and stating she was from Saginaw, Michigan, even posting weather reports from Saginaw, as if she were there.

     Moreover, in order to make her Facebook personality of Shelly Walker appear legitimate, she sent out hundreds of friend requests, friending hundreds of pro-lifers throughout the country. She purposely searched out pro-life and conservative groups and even claimed to be a supporter of Ted Cruz and Father Frank Pavone, an ardent pro-life Catholic priest. She fabricated an emotional personal story of being talked into an abortion by her husband, who she later divorced (none of it true).

Mark Levin’s new Fox News program to launch Sunday night

Fox News announced Tuesday it will launch the first episode of conservative commentator Mark Levin’s new weekend program, “Life, Liberty & Levin,” on Sunday at 10 p.m., according to a network release.

President Trump:

Trump turns Obama quote on election-rigging against him in Russia debate

President Trump on Tuesday turned a 2016 quote from then-President Barack Obama against him in the ongoing battle over Russian interference in the election — claiming it shows Democrats are using the meddling as a belated “excuse” for losing.

Trump cited remarks made by Obama at a press conference with then-Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi just weeks before the election, in which Obama advised then-candidate Trump to “stop whining” about potential election rigging.

“There is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even rig America’s elections, in part because they’re so decentralized and the numbers of votes involved,” Obama said.

Trump thanks Fox for broadcasting timeline of Obama failures against Russia

President Trump praised Fox News on Tuesday for creating a comprehensive timeline of the Obama administration’s failures to keep Russia out of the U.S. political system, and to keep Russia in check around the world.

“Thank you to @foxandfriends for the great timeline on all of the failures the Obama Administration had against Russia, including Crimea, Syria and so much more,” Trump tweeted. “We are now starting to win again!”

Dems fume as Trump pushes low-cost, ObamaCare alternative health plans

The Trump administration moved Tuesday to allow health insurers to sell lower-cost, less-comprehensive medical plans as an alternative to those required under ObamaCare – in a plan that drew swift protest from congressional Democrats.

The proposed regulations would allow insurers to sell individual consumers “short-term” policies that can last up to 12 months, have fewer benefits, and come with lower premiums.

Deep State / Government Corruption:

President Obama was briefed on all details concerning Russian involvement in the 2016 election, including the infamous Trump dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC used to justify spying on the Trump team. ‘Obama NEEDS to be investigated over Clinton/DNC Dossier’ – JW President Tom Fitton

Dem senator warns Mueller against issuing Russia report near 2018 election

Sen. Bob Casey Jr. (D-Pa.) on Sunday warned special counsel Robert Mueller against issuing a report on his findings in the ongoing investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election near the upcoming 2018 midterm election

The Dan Bongino show: February 20, 2018: Ep. 659 Are the Democrats Signaling Trouble Ahead?

Are the Democrats growing concerned that the Russia probe is going to blow up on them? In this episode I’ll address some of the warning signs. I also address the major problem with gun control initiatives and the government’s fascination with a cashless society.

Still Lacking Evidence Of Collusion, Democrats Move The Goalposts

Lacking any evidence of collusion between President Trump and the Russian operatives who meddled in the 2016 campaign, Democrats are now attempting to re-define “collusion” in order to declare Trump guilty of it.
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