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News and Headlines. 7/27/2017

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In the News:

A Florida man tried stealing a police car with an officer in it

FBI: Utah man says he killed wife because she laughed at him

“The highest-ranking military officer in the country said that the military’s transgender policy won’t actively change until President Trump sends specific directions to the Pentagon.

“There will be no modifications to the current policy until the president’s direction has been received by the secretary of defense and the secretary has issued implementation guidance,” Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford wrote in a letter.” More here.> Joint Chiefs: No change in transgender policy until Trump sends Pentagon direction

“The White House said Friday that Derek Harvey, a senior Middle East adviser to President Trump, is no longer with the National Security Council (NSC). 

An NSC spokesperson said the retired Army intelligence officer may take a new job elsewhere in the administration.

The Weekly Standard first reported Harvey’s departure, saying he was fired effective immediately. He served as senior director for Middle East policy on the NSC.  

The move comes amid fierce disagreements within the administration over its approach to Iran. 

Harvey was known as a hawk on the matter, among a contingent of Trump advisers who are pushing for a more aggressive tack toward Iran by urging Trump to scrap the nuclear deal struck by former President Obama. But others, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary James Mattis, want a more measured approach and reportedly convinced the president to stop short of doing so.” More here.> Top Trump Middle East adviser ousted from National Security Council

“A major heroin ring in New York City was busted this week with federal authorities alleging the dealers flaunted their lavish lives, funded by drug money, on Instagram.

Six men in total were busted on Wednesday, including Luis Lopez, Peter Vasquez, Nestor Rivera and Victor Agosto who were arrested in Brooklyn. 


Alleged dealers circled in red. On a yacht: Peter Vasquez is third from the left, Nestor Rivera is to the right of Vasquez, Luis Lopez is third from the right wearing a baseball hat, white t-shirt and Burberry bottoms, Victor Agosto is to the right of Lopez wearing Burberry bottoms and no shirt

Over $2million in cars and drugs alone were seized from the men, including 12 kilos of heroin valued at $900,000 and a feet of luxury vehicles.

The crew had connections to a Mexican cartel and would funnel the drugs through Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, according to federal authorities. 

The fleet of cars seized in the bust included a Lamborghini Hurácan, Rolls Royce Ghost, Bentley, Audi R8 Spyder, Mercedes CLS63, Mercedes S550, Porsche Cayenne, Maserati, Range Rover Sport and BMW M4, totaling roughly $1million.” More here.> Major heroin ring busted up in New York, with dealers flaunting their lavish life

“A Mississippi man was sentenced to 40 years in prison after stabbing a woman 119 times after he learned on a date that she was transgender.

On Thursday, the man, 21-year-old Dwanya Hickerson, pleaded guilty to the murder of Dee Whigham. In addition to the sentence for murder, he will serve 15 years in prison for a robbery charge. He took a plea deal in order to avoid facing the death penalty over the capital murder charge.” More here.> Man sentenced for stabbing date 119 times after learning she’s trans

“The Department of Justice has argued that a pivotal civil-rights law does not protect a worker’s sexual orientation against discrimination, according to a new legal brief published on Wednesday.

Pitted against the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), a federal agency that oversees discrimination complaints in the workplace, the DOJ argued in its amicus brief that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit should reaffirm a previous ruling that the protection of “Title VII does not reach discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The particular case involved Donald Zarda, a skydiving instructor who alleged in a 2010 lawsuit that his former employer, Altitude Express, had violated Title VII by firing him for being gay.

The Justice Department and EEOC were invited to argue their claims after the court agreed to listen to outside parties.

“Following one jump, a customer complained that Zarda had disclosed his homosexuality and other personal details during the jump,” a legal brief from the EEOC read. “Zarda was fired soon thereafter.” More here.> The Justice Department appears to be gearing up for a legal fight with the LGBTQ community

“Senate Republicans are planning to include a one-year defunding of Planned Parenthood in their scaled-down ObamaCare repeal bill, according to lobbyists and congressional aides.

The sources said the repeal of ObamaCare’s individual and employer mandates, as expected, will also be included in the “skinny” repeal bill as a part of Senate GOP leaders’ attempt to pass any legislation to keep the repeal process alive.

The contents of the scaled-down bill still need to be discussed at the Senate GOP lunch on Thursday before they are finalized, the sources said.” More here.> Senate Republicans plan to defund Planned Parenthood in ‘skinny’ repeal

Kid Rock Launches Voter Registration Drive at His Own Concerts Ahead of Possible Senate Run

“Investigators in South Carolina have revealed that a mother used a gun she stole from her parents to shoot dead her two children, a woman she believed to be her estranged husband’s new girlfriend and then herself as part of an elaborate revenge plot. 


Jessica Edens, left, Harper Edens, center, and Hayden King, right JESSICAEDENSPHOTOGRAPHY.COM/ DILLARD FUNERAL HOME VIA WSPA

Pickens County Chief Deputy Creed Hashe said 36-year-old Jessica Edens called her estranged husband twice on July 13 – once around the time she killed her son and daughter, and again before committing suicide. 


Police said Edens and her two children had fatal gunshot wounds to their heads when they discovered the three inside Edens’ locked SUV with the engine running

Hashe said the same .40-caliber handgun used to kill 28-year-old Meredith Rahme in a parking garage below downtown Greenville apartments was used to kill 9-year-old Hayden King and 5-year-old Harper Edens.

Hashe said in a news release Monday that text messages show Jessica Edens making plans to ‘create everlasting consequences’ for her estranged husband, Benjamin Edens, after a Family Court hearing over the custody of their daughter, which left her feeling ‘distraught.’ More here.> Mother-of-two killed her son, nine, and daughter, five, shot dead another woman and then herself to create ‘everlasting consequences’ for her estranged husband

“A New York woman and one of her sons were found guilty of killing her estranged husband and pouring acid on his face to make it more difficult to identify him.

Laura Rideout, 46, and Colin Rideout, 23, were convicted Tuesday of second-degree murder and evidence tampering in the slaying of 50-year-old Craig Rideout, whose body was found in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York last year.

Prosecutors said Craig had been strangled and beaten inside his suburban Penfield home on July 20, 2016 while the couple was going through a contentious divorce.” More here.> Mother and her son who killed her husband and poured acid on his face to make it more difficult to identify his body are found guilty

“Surveillance video footage captured a gunfight involving an off-duty Cook County sheriff’s deputy and another man outside a West Town bar nearly three years ago.

The roughly 5 1/2-minute video, obtained by the Tribune, showed how the shooting unfolded, an incident that led to a 10-year prison sentence earlier this week for one of the suspects involved.
In the video, which has no sound, one of the attackers waves a handgun outside the Funky Buddha Lounge, 728 W. Grand Ave., during the early hours of Nov. 30, 2014, prompting several other people to scatter. The gunman can be seen in the footage opening fire into the air.

Michael Raines, the off-duty sheriff’s deputy who was down the street from the bar during the commotion, rushes toward the suspect with his own gun drawn, the video shows. During the encounter, Raines shoots the suspect, who then runs to the sidewalk in front of the bar, clutching himself where he was injured, the video shows.

Raines then rushes again toward the now-unarmed man and grabs him when a second man walks toward them with a gun, according to the video. Holding his gun to the wounded suspect’s head, Raines crouches to the ground with that man and uses him as a human shield, the video shows.

Raines, continuing to keep the wounded suspect in front of him, ducks when the second man points his gun at him, the video shows. The wounded man is also shown on the video trying to push Raines’s right arm away as the officer points his gun with his right hand toward the other man.
Shortly after that, about 4 minutes and 40 seconds into the video, Chicago police squad cars arrive at the scene with their blue emergency lights flashing. Raines remains on the ground waving his gun in the air in an apparent effort get the responding officers’ attention.

The man who fled the scene, Mario Orta, was arrested the next day on the West Side. While it’s not immediately clear in the video is whether Orta fired his gun, although authorities have said he opened fire on Raines during the fight.” Man gets 10 years for wild gunfight caught on video outside Chicago bar 

Original article here.> Deputy used wounded gunman as shield in West Town gunfight caught on video

Three people have been charged with pimping eight teens for commercial sex work in a ring that operated in California, Nevada and Texas, authorities said Thursday.

The teens, between 15 and 17, were lured into the commercial sex operation that solicited customers through postings on the internet, Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell said.” More here.> 3 accused of pimping teens in California trafficking ring

Government Corruption:

“Weeks after the Trump administration abolished a rule requiring federal agencies to report conference spending, a breakdown of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) multi-million-dollar conference tab illustrates the need to keep the measure in place. The mammoth agency created after 9/11 to prevent another terrorist attack fails miserably to protect the southern border, to bust dangerous visa overstays, and to remove criminal illegal aliens — but it knows how to throw a party for employees and “stakeholders.” It also knows how to hide a chunk of the tab from taxpayers and the Trump administration is facilitating the process, laughably enough, asserting that agencies have tight internal controls.

That clearly isn’t the case, even under the reporting rules that were recently nixed by the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB). DHS held 911 conferences totaling $21.8 million during a recent two-year period, according to a federal audit released this month by the agency’s Inspector General. In fiscal year 2014 DHS spent $11.4 million on 433 conferences and $10.4 million on 478 conferences in 2015. At the time, federal agencies were required to report all conferences that cost more than $100,000 each, but DHS kept two out of every three that cost north of $100,000 secret. The agency watchdog doesn’t provide the exact number, but reveals in its report that the total of unreported conferences was a whopping $3.5 million for the two years examined by investigators. In fiscal year 2014 the unreported conferences totaled $862,881 and in fiscal year 2015 they came to $2,822,561.” More here.> $21.8 Mil in DHS Conferences Exposed after Trump Kills Rule Forcing Fed Agencies to Report Conference Spending

The House Judiciary Committee has officially approved an effort to launch an investigation into former FBI director James Comey’s leaking activities and apparent mishandling of a federal investigation by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

“The new investigative effort, authorized by the passage of the amendment in the Judiciary Committee, 16-13 along partisan lines, digs deep requesting documents and information related to Comey’s leaks of conversations he had with President Donald Trump before Trump fired him. According to the Washington Post, Democrats on the committee were infuriated Republicans pressed forward with the probe.” More here.> House Judiciary Committee Officially Approves Effort to Launch Investigation of Comey, Lynch

EXCLUSIVE: FBI General Counsel James A. Baker is purportedly under a Department of Justice criminal investigation for allegedly leaking classified national security information to the media, according to multiple government officials close to the probe who spoke with Circa on the condition of anonymity.

FBI spokeswoman Carol Cratty said the bureau would not comment on Baker and would not confirm or deny any investigation. Baker did not return comment when Circa attempted to reach him through the FBI.

This comes as Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he would soon be making an announcement regarding the progress of leak investigations. A DOJ official declined to comment on Circa’s inquiry into Baker but did say, the planned announcement by Sessions is part of the overall “stepped up efforts on leak investigations.”

Three sources, with knowledge of the apparent investigation, told Circa that Baker is the top suspect in an ongoing leak investigation, but Circa has not been able to confirm the details of what national security information or material was allegedly leaked.” More here.> A top FBI lawyer is under an investigation for allegedly leaking classified information

Immaculate Corruption

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, big banks paid tens of billions of dollars to settle state and federal fraud investigations, yet not one top bank executive was prosecuted. One investigator calls it the “immaculate corruption.” But buried in recently unsealed documents is a revelation: major bank executives WERE referred to the Justice Department for possibly violating the law. A key whistleblower, Richard Bowen, is asking why none of them was charged.”

“As a senior vice president, Bowen blew the whistle on Citigroup’s practices leading up to the banking crisis; practices like buying and selling risky mortgages and misrepresenting them to the public and investors.

Richard Bowen: I started issuing warnings in June of 2006. I sent my warnings um, in a very wide distribution. I made committee presentations. I cornered people in the hallways.”

“Citigroup played a major role in crashing the U.S. market. It ended up getting a $45 billion taxpayer bailout to survive and eventually paid $7 billion to settle federal and state complaints. But to this day, the Justice Department hasn’t charged any top bank executive with a crime. This is the story of how systems intended to hold people accountable failed and Bowen claims seven helped cover for them.”

“Bowen was asked to testify. And he was eager to do it. It was a setting where he says he could publicly tell what he knew, exempt from his Citigroup confidentiality agreement. He wrote up his testimony, naming names and laying blame. But shortly before he testified something mysterious happened.

Richard Bowen: They went through and told me to take out much of the damning evidence that they had originally told me to put in.

He says the commission wanted major edits.

Richard Bowen: Now what they also conveyed is that the edits were not optional. If I did not make the edits I would probably be taken off the witness list.

Bowen says he had to cut out eight pages; almost a third of his planned testimony. And almost nobody knew that when he testified on April 7, 2010.”

“Citigroup declined comment. A spokesman for their one-time executive, former Secretary Rubin, told us the Justice Department never interviewed him and he only learned about the possible criminal referrals through media inquiries. The Justice Department and former Attorney General Eric Holder had no comment. In 2013, Holder said this about the big banks. Eric Holder: I am concerned that the size of some of these institutions becomes so large that it does become difficult for us to prosecute them.” Video and full Transcript here.> Bankers Gone Bad

Full episode: Published on Jul 25, 2017 “In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, big banks paid tens of billions of dollars to settle state and federal fraud investigations, yet not one top bank executive was prosecuted. Plus, the eye doctor who first uncovered possible links between erectile dysfunction drugs and permanent blindness. Also, the surprising reason why the federal government is missing-out on some of the best and brightest talent, as it recruits to fight online cyber battles.” FULL MEASURE: July 23, 2017


“Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) discussed this morning the House’s plan to pass $1.6 billion to fund a portion of President Trump’s promised border wall. 

The money will be attached to a larger defense appropriations plan that will be voted on by the House.

“This actually comes as a direct request from the Border Patrol agents and those people who are trying to protect not only the United States from illegals entering this country but also drug cartels and [trafficking]. So this was a common sense idea, not just a great idea from Donald Trump,” said Sessions, chairman of the House Rules Committee.

The bill will reportedly fund about 28 miles of the barrier in key sections while beginning the design process for building the rest of the wall.” Video and Article here.> Direct Request From Border Patrol’: House Set to Lay Out $1.6B for Wall

“The State of California is on track to issue a total of one million driver’s licenses to illegal aliens by the end of 2017.

In 2013, California lawmakers passed legislation that allowed illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses if they can prove to the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) their identity and state residency. The plan was one of the largest victories to date by the open borders lobby.” More here.> Nearly 1 Million Illegal Aliens Now Have Driver’s Licenses in California

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Commentary / Opinion:

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced that he was reversing an Obama-era policy that opened the military to people who identify as transgender.

That policy, announced during the last year of President Barack Obama’s second term, was scheduled to go into effect earlier this month, but Secretary of Defense James Mattis announced a six-month delay in its implementation to review whether it was in fact prudent given the nature of the military and its mission.

As I explain in my forthcoming book “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment,” the best biology, psychology, and philosophy conclude that sex is a biological reality and that gender is the social expression of that reality.

The most helpful therapies for gender dysphoria focus not on achieving the impossible—changing bodies to conform to thoughts and feelings—but on helping people accept and even embrace the truth about their bodies and reality.

Unfortunately, 41 percent of people who identify as transgender will attempt suicide at some point in their lives, compared to 4.6 percent of the general population. And people who have had transition surgery are 19 times more likely than average to die by suicide.

People who identify as transgender suffer a host of mental health and social problems—including anxiety, depression, and substance abuse—at higher rates than the general population. Biology isn’t bigotry, and we need a sober and honest assessment of the human costs of getting human nature wrong.” More here.> 5 Good Reasons Why Transgender Accommodations Aren’t Compatible With Military Realities

What is Relativism? 

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