News and Headlines. 7/7/2017, TGIF

Before you scroll down for all the News and Headlines. From the “AP”, “A roundup of some of the most popular, but completely untrue, headlines of the week. None of these stories are legit, even though they were shared widely on social media. The Associated Press checked these out; here are the real facts:” Check it out here.> NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn’t happen this week

In the News:

U.S. fighter jets scrambled after ‘unruly’ passenger disrupts Montreal-Cuba flight

Woman charged with killing family smiles in court 800

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — “A South Carolina inmate used wire cutters that were apparently dropped from a drone as part of an elaborate escape plan that also included cellphones smuggled into prison, guns and at least $47,000 in cash, authorities said Friday after his capture.

Jimmy Causey’s second escape from prison lasted more than two days before a tip led Texas Rangers to a motel room in Austin where he was found sleeping around 4 a.m. Friday, South Carolina state police said” More here.> Inmate’s escape: Phones, wire cutters, a drone and $47,000

News chopper spots alligator eating body of plane crash victim

“Female soldiers must give “dignity and respect” to transsexual men who join them in their shared shower rooms, according to training manuals leaked by soldiers in a mandatory class.” More here.> Transgender Men in Women’s Showers Must Get ‘Dignity and Respect,’ Says U.S. Army 

Philippines Earthquake Triggers Landslides, Damages Power Plant; 2 Killed

The following is Pretty cool, doesn’t have anything to do with the Philippines earthquake. Uploaded on Sep 14, 2011More information is available at: http://global.shakemovie.princeton.ed…. This video from Princeton Global ShakeMovie illustrates the up-and-down velocity of the earthquake. Strong blue waves indicate rapid downward surface movement, while strong red waves indicate strong upward motion. Researchers at Princeton investigate and inform the public about earthquakes worldwide through Global ShakeMovie, an online portal that shows near-real-time visualizations of recent earthquakes worldwide. These visualizations, which are usually live within seven hours of an event, are based on simulations carried out on a large computer cluster in order to provide information that enhances the public knowledge and understanding of earthquakes.

“An unnamed Louisiana officer has sued Black Lives Matter and several of the movement’s leaders Friday after last summer’s ambush of law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge.

DeRay Mckesson, a member of the activist movement who has been involved in the Ferguson, Mo. and Baltimore, Md. protests, and four other Black Lives Matter leaders have been named as defendants in the suit. It was filed on behalf of one of the officers wounded in the July 17 attack by Gavin Long, a black military veteran, who killed three other officers in Baton Rouge before he was shot dead.” More here.> Louisiana cop sues Black Lives Matter after being wounded in deadly ambush

“A Florida congressman is urging the Senate to quickly pass legislation to toughen penalties against cop killers, in the wake of this week’s brutal murder of a New York City police officer.”  More here.> Rep urges Senate to pass crackdown on cop-killers after NYC officer murdered


Polish President SLAMS CNN for Fake Story Claiming His Wife Snubbed Trump

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