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Lots of News and Headlines today. Scroll down for World News, Commentary, News on Immigration and Other News and Headlines. Some sad news this morning. “Bob Owens, editor of the popular pro-gun blog BearingArms.com, died Monday in an apparent suicide, authorities say.”

“Shortly before Owens’s death, he apparently wrote a chilling message on Facebook: “In the end, it turns out that I’m not strong. I’m a coward, and selfish son of a b‑‑‑‑. I’m sorry.”

“Commenting on her husband’s last Facebook post, his wife, Christine Zamzow Owens, wrote: “You were nothing but a wonderful husband, loving father and giving friend. You always did what you thought was right even though it was not the popular thing to do. You were never a coward, or selfish, just hurting. I love you baby, you were my world.” More here> Bearing Arms editor Bob Owens dead from apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound

From Bearing Arms. We Are Diminished — R.I.P. Bob Owens

From Katie Pavlich. Goodbye To My Friend, Bob Owens Please keep his family in your prayers during this horribly difficult time. He leaves behind his wife and two young daughters. We have set up a GoFundMe page to help, which you can access here.

PLEASE, If you need help talk to someone. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 Anyone could be struggling with suicide. We understand that every struggle is different. Experience the stories of people like you, and how they overcame crisis to find hope and recovery. Find more specific resources Website National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

In other News:

“Facebook Live, for all its problems, may have just saved a girl’s life. Authorities used the streaming video — which Facebook didn’t immediately remove — to locate and ultimately rescue her.

The trouble started when the unnamed teenager ingested multiple pills before putting a plastic bag over her head in a Live video last week. After a friend called 911, a sheriff’s deputy — after ensuring it wasn’t a prank — made his way to the house where he found the girl alive, but unresponsive. She’s expected to make a full recovery.” More here> Attempted suicide on Facebook Live has a happy ending

Father who beheaded 5-year-old son in 2009 granted conditional release

Video shows chaos unfold at Florida airport after 9 Spirit Airlines flights canceled

Black Harvard students to host blacks-only graduation event

Seattle mayor ends reelection bid after abuse allegations

FBI Reportedly Investigating Bernie Sanders’ Wife for Alleged Fraud


“A powerhouse Washington lobbying firm linked to influential Democrats failed to disclose lucrative work it did for Ukrainian political figures closely tied to Russia and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, according to CNN.

“The firm, the Podesta Group, said nothing in a 2012 lobbying report to Congress about at least 32 meetings, emails and other communications it had with the State Department, at a time when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was scrutinizing Ukraine’s upcoming election, records show,” More here> Powerful Podesta Firm Withheld Key Details Of Russia, Trump Aide Links

“In the City of Brotherly Love, you can retain your voter registration no matter what crime you commit. That’s because election officials refuse to take convicted felons off the voter rolls even if they’re still serving time in jail.” More here> Criminals who appear to be voters

Tunnel at plutonium uranium extraction plant collapses in Hanford

SC bus driver evacuates 56 students in less than a minute after massive fire

Asian community rallies around LAPD officer in need of bone marrow transplant

Chelsea Manning set for release next week

Senate panel approves Trump’s pick for US envoy to China

DEATH SPIRAL: Maryland’s Largest Healthcare Insurer to Raise Rates by 50%

Condoleezza Rice said the US shouldn’t sanitize history by removing Confederate monuments

Government Corruption:

Video> Sen. Paul asks if the Obama administration spied on him

Video> Circa News on possible surveillance conducted under Obama

Republicans are angry, but not surprised that the NSA collected data on Americans

President Obama’s team sought NSA intel on thousands of Americans during the 2016 election

World News:

Islamic State says it beheads Russian officer in Syria

Jakarta’s Christian governor sentenced to 2 years in prison for blasphemy against Islam

“Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday vowed that his government would work with the Palestinian people to guard against the “Judiazation of Jerusalem,” according to Channel 2.

Erdogan made the comments to Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdella while the latter was on an official visit to Istanbul.

The Turkish President “confirmed the necessity of unifying efforts to protect Jerusalem against attempts of Judaization,” and reiterated an earlier call for Muslims from around the globe to visit the “Al-Aksa” mosque located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.” More here> Turkish President: We Will Protect Against Judaization of Jerusalem

UN Demands UK Take 10,000 More Refugees a Year, Open Family Reunion Floodgate

WATCH: Horrifying Video of European Journalist Violently Attacked By Immigrants On-Air

“Vladimir Putin has warned his Russian army can ‘repel any potential aggression’ after 10,000 troops marched through Red Square with a terrifying arsenal of missiles in a military parade.” Video and more here> Putin warns his Russian army can ‘repel any potential aggression’

“China has recently tested a new type of guided missile in a northeastern sea near the Korean peninsula, the defence ministry said Tuesday, hours after South Korean elections held amid regional tensions.

The test in the Bohai Sea was conducted to “raise the operational capability of the armed forces and effectively respond to threats to national security,” the ministry said in a brief statement.” More here> China says it tested new missile in northeastern sea

“On ‘Hannity,’ the former secretary of state reflects on foreign policy challenges.: Video here> Condoleezza Rice on North Korea: It’s a dangerous situation


Sierra LaMar case: California man convicted of murdering 15-year-old girl

Actor, Trump Supporter Antonio Sabato Jr. Running For Congress in California

California May Allow Communists to Work Openly in State Government

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters unloads on Sessions: ‘I think he’s a racist


“The FBI has revealed that at least 15 percent of the agency’s terrorism investigations focus on immigrants who arrived as refugees, vetted by groups like the United Nations.

Out of more than 2,000 “violent extremist investigations,” FBI Director Jim Comey, “about 300 of them are people who came to the United States as refugees.”

The testimony was uncovered by the Center for Immigration Studies from the long session Comey had in the Senate last week to mostly discuss the 2016 presidential election.

Center Executive Director Mark Krikorian said that refugees can slide through the normal vetting process if they are from enemy countries like Syria and Iran that do not cooperate with the United States.” More here> FBI’s Comey: 15% of terrorists came to US as refugees, at least 300

“Federal immigration officials excoriated the Montgomery County, Maryland government on Monday after jailers knowingly released an 18-year-old illegal immigrant who allegedly brought a stolen AR-15 rifle onto school property.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the county released Mario Granados-Alvarado on May 3, despite a formal detention request lodged with jail officials the previous day. ICE was able to locate and arrest Granados-Alvarado On May 4, but the agency called out Montgomery County for refusing to keep him in detention until immigration agents could arrive.” More here> ICE Rips Maryland County For Ignoring Detention Request

The US has deported the man tried in the killing of Chandra Levy

Border apprehensions plummet as DHS touts enforcement push


Byron York: 5 big things we still don’t know after Sally Yates’ testimony

Obamacare is dying in Maryland too, and it isn’t Trump’s or Republicans’ fault

Why DeVos Should Rescind Obama’s Ban On Disciplining Minority Kids In School

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