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On This Day In History in 1865, Robert E. Lee surrenders.

At Appomattox, Virginia, Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrenders his 28,000 troops to Union General Ulysses S. Grant, effectively ending the American Civil War. Forced to abandon the Confederate capital of Richmond, blocked from joining the surviving Confederate force in North Carolina, and harassed constantly by Union cavalry, Lee had no other option.

Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrenders
At Appomattox, Virginia, Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrenders his 28,000 troops to Union General Ulysses S. Grant

Public Service Announcement:


Wednesday, April 11th, 10:00am local time

On Wednesday, April 11th, we will walk out of our classes for 17 minutes of silence and prayer. We will stand silently outside outside honoring the 10 children who will violently die during that time at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility. We will rally and demand the end of Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funded empire. We will kneel and pray for the end of legal abortion in our nation.

ICYMI: Thomas More Law, We will be providing free legal assistance to any student who is treated with a double standard while participating in the #ProLifeWalkout on April 11.

In The News:

Texas Church Wipes Out Medical Debt for Over 4,000 Vets and Their Families

Covenant Church’s donation enabled RIP Medical Debt to pay off $10,551,618 in medical debt for 4,229 Dallas families.

“Not only is the debt itself gone and paid, but also, any negative impact that debt has had on their credit history is wiped clean. It’s the easiest decision we’ve ever made,” Hayes told The Stream.

Proposal: Raise state’s gas tax to highest-in-nation 85 cents a gallon

A free market think tank says before lawmakers consider more than doubling the motor fuel tax, they should find as much savings and efficiencies as possible when planning infrastructure projects.

During a House hearing last week, Mary Craighead from the Illinois Economic Policy Institute said the roads in Illinois are so bad, and the backlog of infrastructure improvements is so large, that policy makers should increase the gas tax.

“The gasoline tax would need to be as high as 85 cents per gallon and a special fuel tax, which covers diesel fuel, would need to be as high as a dollar per gallon to make up the shortfall,” Craighead said.

Arizona sends 225 troops to Mexico border, more heading soon

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said Monday that 225 members of the state’s National Guard were heading to the U.S.-Mexico border to support President Donald Trump’s call for troops to fight drug trafficking and illegal immigration.

More of the state’s Guard members will be deployed on Tuesday, said Ducey, a Republican.

The Arizona troops were being sent after Texas announced Friday it would send 250 National Guard members and helicopters took the first of them to the border.

4 hurt after knife-wielding man attacks Indianapolis crowd

Four people, including the suspect, were hospitalized after the attack Saturday afternoon on the American Legion Mall and outside the Central Library located across the street. Two were in critical condition and two in serious condition, Indianapolis Fire Department Battalion Chief Rita Reith said.

Gary Madison, 57, of Indianapolis faces three preliminary charges of battery by means of a deadly weapon, jail records showed.

New Jersey man who lured teen into sex work sentenced to 13 years in prison

A man who helped lure a 17-year-old girl to a motel for a babysitting job and made her work as a prostitute for 10 days has been sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Christopher White, 20,
Christopher White, 20, had pleaded guilty to human trafficking and promoting prostitution of a minor. (Fox 26)

Christopher White will also have to register as a sex offender and will be on lifetime parole supervision under the sentence imposed Friday. The 20-year-old Eastampton man had pleaded guilty in February to human trafficking and promoting prostitution of a minor.

Fugitive who announced 2 killings on social media found dead

EAST RIDGE, Tenn. (AP) — A fugitive who announced on social media that he had fatally shot his mother and a friend in Tennessee has apparently killed himself, authorities said after the man’s body was found Monday in neighboring Mississippi.

Casey Lawhorn, 23, apparently died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after allegedly shooting his mother Vi Lawhorn and friend Avery Gaines on Sunday in East Ridge, Tennessee, according to a statement from Jasper County Sheriff Randy Johnson. According to media reports, Lawhorn had said in the online posts that he had “spent a lot of time thinking about murder, wondering what it feels like.”

How $37 Million from the Clinton Foundation Disappeared in Baltimore

Why did the Clinton Foundation send a $37 million grant for the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund in 2010 to a Baltimore post office box when the CBHF told federal tax authorities that its only office that year was in Washington, D.C.?

For the rest of us, the answers to that and many other questions posed by those who wonder why investigations into obvious and rampant frauds involving Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton and their purported foundation never go anywhere are complex. But they’re worth following if you care about combating charitable fraud.

Be prepared, because the answers also make clear that too many powerful people were and are covering up an odious set of scandals that implicate Establishment Republicans and Democrats alike.

Loretta Lynch Admits She Told Comey to Call Hillary Email Investigation a “Matter” Then Throws Him Under the Bus (VIDEO)

Former FBI Director James Comey previously said in a testimony that Loretta Lynch’s decision to refer to Hillary’s FBI probe as a “matter” rather than an “investigation” gave him a strange feeling.

Loretta Lynch threw Comey under the bus in her interview with NBC’s Lester Holt when she told him Comey never raised concerns with her over her decision to call Hillary’s investigation a “matter.”

Lester Hold asked Loretta Lynch, “James Comey was testifying before Congress in June of last year and he noted that you had asked him to call the Clinton probe a matter, not an investigation–he said, it made him feel, I’m paraphrasing, it made him feel strange. What did you mean when you said matter instead and not a investigation?”

“Well, you know I heard about that testimony, I didn’t watch it at the time, but it was brought to my attention later and people were raising it with me,” Lynch responded.

U.S. watchdog seeks record fine against Wells Fargo for abuses – sources

The penalty would be the first issued by Mick Mulvaney, whom President Donald Trump tapped in November to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

The top U.S. watchdog for consumer finance is seeking a record fine against Wells Fargo & Co that could exceed several hundred million dollars for auto insurance and mortgage lending abuses, according to three sources with knowledge of the plans.

Homeless ‘mansion’ pops up near Space Needle

People living at the camp told Q13, they set up this new home after the city forced them out of a nearby park.

“It is a form of protest,” Burns added. “We’re staking a claim. We’re refusing to cower in our tents… If you can live on the street and not pay rent, then why would you pay rent?”


The San Francisco housing market is so dire that people are leaving in droves — here’s where they’re headed

The San Francisco Bay Area is on the brink of an exodus as a low supply of homes and high demand drive housing prices to new insanities, and the cost of living with it. A recent report from real-estate site Redfin said that San Francisco lost more residents than any other US city in the last quarter of 2017.

Facing backlash, California county rescinds homeless shelter plan

Facing a public backlash, officials in Southern California’s Orange County rescinded their plan Tuesday for emergency homeless shelters in three cities.

The homeless shelters in Irvine, Huntington Beach and Laguna Niguel were to house up to 400 people, the Orange County Register reported. Laguna Niguel ranks seventh among the nation’s wealthiest cities, according to a 2016 Register report.

“They’re just dumping these poor people in our neighborhoods and communities where there are like six schools and, you know, little children walking to school,” Irvine resident Radhika Athlaye told ABC7. “Just a general area where it’s not right for either the homeless or the residents of Irvine.”

But where are they going?

Trump administration’s lawsuit against California sanctuary laws backed by these cities, counties

Multiple local city or county councils have voted to join the Trump administration’s lawsuit or fight the state’s policies in some way.

The sanctuary policy, pushed by Gov. Jerry Brown and the state’s Democratic-controlled legislature, has received some backlash at the local level.

Read on for a look at some of the cities and counties that have joined the Trump administration’s efforts to deem California’s law unconstitutional.

San Diego lawmaker says California has become rogue state

A San Diego lawmaker is calling on people across California to rise up and join a federal lawsuit targeting the state’s sanctuary laws.

“California has become a rogue state,” San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob said on the Todd Starnes Radio show. “Illegal immigration is wrong. There is a legal way to come into this country and that should be upheld.”

Has the California backlash against liberal craziness finally begun?

While the nation continues to view California as a homogeneous voting block of individuals in lock step with an increasingly progressive liberal agenda, for Common Sense Californians up and down the left coast state, there’s a sense that a different tide is rising.

The ripple began in Los Alamitos where the city council voted to opt out of California’s sanctuary law. And it was followed by Orange County who voted to join the U.S. Department of Justice in challenging the state’s sanctuary city laws. This decision was echoed by the city of Escondido and later this month San Diego County will also vote to join their ranks in this federal lawsuit. Other municipalities are lining up to consider doing the same.

Horse Trailer Carrying At Least 19 Immigrants Overturns on I-8 in East County

A horse trailer carrying smuggled immigrants crashed on Interstate 8 about 55 miles east of San Diego Saturday, and Border Patrol agents took 19 people into custody.

The wreckage of the horse trailer.
The wreckage of the horse trailer. Courtesy OnScene.TV

Six of the 19 had to be taken to area hospitals — including two who had to be airlifted-

Passing motorists told dispatchers they had seen more than a dozen people fleeing into a mountainous area after the crash.

Tech Watch:

Facebook to Check Groups Behind ‘Issue Ads’

Facebook Inc. will soon require that advertisers wanting to run ads on hot-button political issues go through an authorization process first, a move the social network hopes will prevent the spread of misinformation across its platform.

Separately on Friday, consumer groups filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, saying Facebook violates users’ privacy rights through its facial-recognition software.

Mark Zuckerberg faces a grilling from US lawmakers on Tuesday over Facebook’s handling of user privacy

Amid a firestorm over Facebook’s data privacy scandal, Mark Zuckerberg appears before US lawmakers this week with mounting pressure for new regulations for social media platforms.

The 33-year-old chief executive is expected to face a grilling before a Senate panel 10 April, and follow up with an appearance in the House of Representatives the following day.

Several lawmakers and activists believe the United States should follow the lead of Europe’s data protection law set to be implemented in May, which has strict terms for notification and sharing of personal data online.

Facebook reconsiders ‘unsafe for community’ tag on pro-Trump Diamond and Silk videos after Fox & Friends appearance

In a statement to Fox News, a Facebook spokesperson said: “We are aware of this issue. We are reaching out to the creators of Diamond & Silk to try and resolve this matter.”

After being deemed “unsafe to the community” by Facebook’s public policy team, Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson went on Fox & Friends and said they were provided with no reason why their videos were labeled as unsafe.

How much does Facebook make off you? The amount may surprise you

There is an old adage in technology that if you are not paying for it, you are the product. For Facebook and its massive user base, this rings true, with some eye-opening results, depending upon where you live.

Facebook’s most valuable users are in the U.S. and Canada, generating $26.76 in average revenue per user (ARPU) in the fourth-quarter of 2017, $26.26 of that from advertising. For all of 2017, the average user in the U.S. and Canada generated $84.41 in ARPU. $81.92 of that came from advertising, making the region Facebook’s most valuable on a revenue basis.

As of the fourth quarter, Facebook said it had 184 million monthly active users in the U.S. and Canada, a decline of 1 million monthly active users from the previous quarter. In total, Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users.

INCYMI: Twitter CEO Shares And Raves About Article Calling For Dem Victory In Second ‘Civil War’

Author and media consultant Peter Leyden and political commentator Ruy Teixeira argued in the article titled “The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War” that America is already in the midst of a second major domestic conflict of sorts and the way out is for the rest of the country to imitate California.

“In this current period of American politics, at this juncture in our history, there’s no way that a bipartisan path provides the way forward,” they wrote. “The way forward is on the path California blazed about 15 years ago.”

Homeland Security to compile database to track bloggers, journalists and other ‘media influencers’

Amidst “concerns” regarding accuracy in media and the potential for “fake news” to influence elections and policy, the Trump Administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is compiling a database to track “media influencers,” including journalists, correspondents and bloggers.

World News:

Russia blames Israel for deadly airstrike on Assad base after alleged chemical attack

Russia on Monday blamed the Israeli Air Force for the deadly airstrike on a Bashar al-Assad air base after a suspected chemical attack killed at least 40 in a Damascus suburb over the weekend.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said two Israeli fighter jets launched the attack on the T4 air base in central Syria from Lebanon’s air space.

Survivors of Syria chemical attack ‘forced to leave or die’

Ahmed Saleh, a 26-year-old volunteer with the Syrian Civil Defense — also known as the White Helmets — told Fox News that the suspect rockets landed in an area called Al Shohada Square around 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

“There was a strong smell, and we entered one of the shelters to help the civilians there, but I couldn’t go all the way because I felt the symptoms of suffocation, difficulty breathing; my tears began to fall profusely,” he recalled. “We, paramedics, saw everyone in the shelter lying on the ground. I do not know whether they were dead or alive, but none of them were moving.”

Trump calls Syria chemical attack ‘atrocious,’ says U.S. to make ‘major decisions’ in coming hours

President Trump on Monday called the suspected chemical attack in Syria over the weekend “atrocious” and said the United States will make “major decisions” about its response over the next 24 to 48 hours.

“It was an atrocious attack. It was horrible,” the president said during a Cabinet meeting at the White House.

Added Trump, “We are studying that situation extremely closely. We are meeting with our military and everybody else and we’ll be making some major decisions over the next 24 to 48 hours.”

Iran Hit by Global Cyber Attack That Left US Flag on Screens

Hackers have attacked networks in a number of countries including data centers in Iran where they left the image of a US flag on screens along with a warning: “Don’t mess with our elections,” the Iranian IT ministry said on Saturday.

Seventy Years of Sacrifice: A Global Salute to Israel’s Fallen Soldiers – If you’ve ever been in Israel for Yom Hazikaron — the Memorial Day for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the Jewish homeland –chances are you will never forget it.

Russian woman dies after given formaldehyde instead of saline drip

A 27-year-old Russian woman has died after doctors mistakenly filled her IV bag with a solution containing formaldehyde.

Ekaterina Fedyaeva was said to be undergoing routine surgery at a hospital in Ulyanovsk, in the Volga Federal District of Russia, when the hospital provided her on a formalin drip, which contains formaldehyde and is used to prevent corpses from decomposing


Media try to stop Sinclair from buying Tribune, and other outlandish news embarrassments

The Post had stories headlined: “Sinclair faces fallout from viewers and Democratic candidates over ‘fake news’ promos,” “Sinclair’s remarkable gaslighting operation” and “Sinclair Broadcasting’s mass ‘fake news’ message, as skewered by cartoons.” But, of course, the Post is neutral.

In just a couple days, MSNBC and CNN (left and lefter) spent 211 minutes on the story. That’s enough time to watch “The Godfather” and have some time left over to watch an episode of “Big Bang Theory.” And that analysis ended Tuesday. There has been even more coverage since.

The rest of the media joined in with the mob. Discredited former CBS anchor Dan Rather grabbed a torch. He called the Sinclair video “Orwellian” and said it’s “on a slippery slope towards some of history’s most destructive forces.” Remember, Rather’s career at CBS came crashing to a halt after his own bogus reporting. He now appears on the far-left show “The Young Turks.”

“There will be … joy in heaven over one sinner who repents.”
—Luke 15:7, NKJV