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News and Headlines for today.

Late start today. Finally got some sleep last night. I have one friend in the hospital about 3 weeks now, had heart surgery Monday, seems to be doing better. Another friend dying of liver cancer, she’s at home, hospice is attending to her. Another friends mother committed suicide yesterday morning. Going for my own minor surgery next month. Life in the big city, hu. Still have some News and Headlines though.

In the News:

Hero homeowner holds escaped Georgia inmates at gunpoint until arrests

Innovation at VA: Bionic arm optimization study

3-D printing program creates customized products to assist Veterans in their rehabilitation

Doctor: Scalise may need more operations

“The House Minority Leader blasted the Republicans on the same day she calls for curtailing negativity” Video here.> Kennedy slams Pelosi’s ‘static, outdated’ point of view

The Pentagon will deploy about 4,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan

Retired Navy Captain Busted In Massive Bribery Scheme Involving Prostitutes, Cash Sentenced To Prison

Obama Unknowingly Points Out That You Don’t Need The Gov’t To Succeed

President Trump:

“President Trump on Friday said he is gutting key parts of former President Barack Obama’s “completely one-sided” agreement normalizing relations between the U.S. and Cuba.

“It’s hard to think of a policy that makes less sense than the previous administration’s terrible and misguided deal with the Castro regime,” he said in Miami, referencing Cuban President Raul Castro’s government.

“They made a deal with a government that spreads violence and instability in the region,” Trump added. “Those days are over. Now, we hold the cards.”

“The outcome of the last administration’s executive order has only been more repression. Therefore, effectively immediately, I am canceling the last administration’s completely one-sided deal with Cuba.” More here.> Trump: I’m ending Obama’s ‘one-sided’ Cuba deal

FULL SPEECH: President Trump Announces He is CANCELLING Obama’s Cuba Policy, Participates in Signing


“The Catholic Bishops of Texas don’t do their parishioners — or anyone else — any favors when they conflate illegal and legal immigrants.

Waging a political campaign against Senate Bill 4, the state’s new anti-sanctuary law, the bishops fan the flames of fear with overheated rhetoric in heavily Hispanic communities.

San Antonio Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller and Brownsville Bishop Daniel Flores dealt the victim card from the bottom of the deck by declaring that the SB 4 debate “sound[ed] as if all immigrants are criminals.” More here.> GOSPEL OF FEAR: BISHOPS BLUR THE LINE ON IMMIGRANTS

“Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director suggested a revolutionary new approach to dealing with the millions of people living illegally in the United States: Commonsense. Testifying before the House Appropriations Committee on June 13, Acting Director Thomas Homan shot back at the naysayers who have long argued that we just have to accept the phenomenon of mass illegal immigration because it is not feasible to deport that many people.

In his testimony, Homan asked for an additional $1.9 billion to increase deportations from the anemic levels of the Obama era, while making it clear that the realistic aim of his agency is to discourage people from coming and remaining in the U.S. illegally. “If you’re in this country illegally and you committed a crime by entering this country, you should be uncomfortable,” Homan said. “You should look over your shoulder, and you need to be worried.” You know, kind of like how we convince people to obey other civil laws. “The IRS doesn’t audit everybody, but we all know it’s a possibility,” Homan continued. “The highway patrol can’t arrest everybody for speeding, but if we speed, we know it’s a possibility we [could] get stopped. It should be no different with immigration enforcement. We’re a law enforcement agency that enforces the law and we shouldn’t play favorites.” More here.> WHAT A CONCEPT? ICE DIRECTOR SUGGESTS IMMIGRATION LAWBREAKERS “SHOULD BE UNCOMFORTABLE”


“A lawyer involved in the ongoing case against the Michigan doctor charged with performing female genital mutilation (FGM) on young girls alleged in court that the doctor’s mosque had paid for the barbaric and illegal procedures.

Dr. Juama Nargarwala, 44, an emergency room doctor, is accused of performing FGM on two young girls from Minnesota, although prosecutors said in court that she may have cut up to 100 girls over the past 12 years.” More here.> Michigan Mosque Paid for FGM, Lawyer Alleges

“Criticizing Islam in Canada should not be illegal or disliking it should not be classified as a phobia. A “phobia” is a type of mental disorder. Isn’t the “Islamophobia” motion, which was unanimously passed by the Canadian government and calls for limiting the rights of Canadians to criticize Islam, contrary to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms? What is the purpose of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms then?

The definition of Islamophobia from a Google search is “dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.” What exactly has the Parliament of Canada made a motion against? Criticism of Islam? Criticism of Mohammed? Criticism and condemnation of the Islamic State and all Islamic terrorist groups affiliated with radical Islamic ideology? Petitioning against those Canadians who condemn Sharia law? If Canadians criticize Islam or convert from Islam, will they now be considered “Islamophobes” by Canada?” More here.> New Blasphemy Laws for Canada?

It’s Ramadan – Arrests for Eating, Drinking and Smoking

Daughter Tells of Father’s Sexual Demands; Reaction Is Unbelievable.> Horrific: Egypt – Father asked her to perform sexual acts with him

Muslim Man Kidnaps, Rapes, Marries Teenage Girl

Government Corruption:

On Watch: The Fallout of James Comey & Jeff Sessions’ Testimonies

World News:

London police arrested a man with a knife near Parliament

The London tower death toll increased and is expected to rise

Here’s what you can expect to change and stay the same under Trump’s new Cuba policy

Germany Opening First Liberal Mosque Where Men, Women and Gays Pray Together  

Commentary / Opinion:

“The rise of the hard-left in the United States is eerily similar to the rise of communism in Venezuela. It should serve as a cautionary tale.

The Democrat Party “protesters” are often violent and they are often riots. However, the media covers for them and has in only rare cases admitted they are violent. They are quick to blame any counter protester for the violence.

It’s not surprising that we had a near-massacre yesterday, it’s only surprising it hasn’t happened sooner.

Like a craven coward, ducking, dodging, heavily armed, James T. Hodgkinson hoped to commit mass murder on Wednesday, attacking Republicans playing baseball on an open field.

The Bernie Sanders supporter and unionist was a member of several Facebook groups: “The Road to Hell is Paved with Republicans,” “Donald Trump is not my President” and “Terminate the Republican Party.”

His Facebook page read like the talking points of a CNN panel discussion.” More here.> A Cautionary Tale! Rise of the Democrat Party’s Violent Left

“Hello folks! I realized that I haven’t been blogging  much lately and really, I do have a lot to say about stuff, it’s just finding the energy to write. I think what makes it difficult is the pace in which the left continue their attacks and from every angle. These guys are some very obsessed sons of bitches and are focused on bringing Trump down. I wish there was something we (the people) could do about the media and their lying and treasonous ‘reporting.’ I mean folks what the media is doing to President Trump and the United States is nothing short of sedition.  Here’s some of what we’re seeing …” More here.> Taking Down The President

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