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Today’s News and Headlines is out. 6/5/2017

In the News:

Disgruntled ex-employee kills 5, then self in Orlando workplace shooting: Sheriff

Disability attorney who stole $600M from the government disappears, FBI says

Report: New Mexico’s Balderas still not investigating aborted baby brain trafficking


Supreme Court to decide if warrants needed for cellular ‘ping’ data

Planned Parenthood to close three locations in California

“Last week, the Center for Medical Progress released a bombshell new video. In it, executives and abortionists from the National Abortion Federation and Planned Parenthood made callous, disgusting jokes about abortion, while also disclosing potentially illegal activity. The grisly admissions made on tape were horrifying, and the footage didn’t last long – YouTube quickly removed the video, and then U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick further forced the removal of the video and threatened to hold CMP in contempt for its release. (You can still view the video here.)” More here.> Lila Rose on Tucker Carlson: “The public deserves to know what abortionists are actually saying”

SHOCK VIDEO: CNN Creates #FakeNews in London Following Terror Attacks, Stages Anti-ISIS Muslim Protesters

New record: America arms itself, ‘necessary steps to defend selves’

“A New York school district has launched an investigation into a student art show that included profane references to President Trump.

The art show at Shen High School featured a dozen drawings of the president’s face. Above the drawings was a sign that read, “Draw on Me.” On a nearby table was a box filled with markers.” More here.> Starnes: High School Art Display: ‘Burn in Hell, Trump’

Public college to offer course called ‘Abolition of Whiteness’

Ohio drug overdose deaths in one county already top last year’s total

The Latest: Men charged in deaths at Oakland warehouse fire

World News:

London attack: 12 arrested in Barking after van and knife attack

Police uncover YouTube link to London terror attack 

UK police name two London attackers, say one previously known to them

Terror Events June 5th, 2017.> Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 5

In the UK, Father’s shock as 16-year-old daughter kicked and punched by antisemitic gang

Two Japanese tourists believed shot dead, chopped up in Philippines, police say

Russia says North Korea’s nukes are a ‘direct threat’

“The Arab world’s biggest powers cut ties with Qatar on Monday over alleged support for Islamists and Iran, reopening a festering wound two weeks after U.S. President Donald Trump’s demand for Muslim states to fight terrorism.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain severed diplomatic relations with Qatar in a coordinated move. Yemen, Libya’s eastern-based government and the Maldives joined later. Transport links shut down, triggering supply shortages.” More here.> Arab powers sever Qatar ties, citing support for militants

ISIS surrenders another key town in Iraq

President Trump:

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: “Before discussing our plans to modernize air travel, I want to provide an update on our efforts to fix and modernize vital services for our veterans, our great, great veterans who we all love. For decades, the federal government has struggled to accomplish something that should be very, very simple: seamlessly transferring a veteran’s medical records from the Defense Department to the veterans groups and to the V.A. In recent years, it has taken not just days or weeks, but many months for the records to follow the veteran. This has caused massive problems for our veterans.” More here.> Trump Proposes Privatization Of Air Traffic Control: “Cheaper, Faster, And Safer”

White House: Trump will not use executive privilege to stop Comey testimony

Government Corruption:

Tom Fitton discusses Shocking New Clinton Emails, New Soros Lawsuit, Clean Elections, & Immigration


London Terrorist Tried to Radicalize Children

“In the days immediately following the Manchester bombing, the perpetrator’s family and mosque began trying to spin the media in a direction favorable to the Islamist narrative. There were three types of spins that are worth pointing out, as they are continually used by the Islamists and their apologists whenever they and their ideology come under scrutiny. We can assume we will be seeing these familiar spins in the coming days after the latest terror attack in London.” More Here.> Islamist Media Spins: What to Look Out for

According to Clarion Project “U.S. President Donald Trump was furious with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during his recent visit to Israel. According to an Israeli television report which quoted an unnamed American source present at the meeting between Trump and Abbas, Trump yelled at Abbas for lying to him about Palestinian incitement against Israel.” More here.> Trump Calls Out Abbas for Indoctrinating Children to Hate

Abbas’ Children – Culture of Hate


“Can America solve its illegal immigration problem both justly and humanely? Yes, but it requires first building a border wall. Washington Post columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Charles Krauthammer explains why.” Build the Wall

Commentary / Opinion:

“This is what happens when science is hijacked in pursuit of ideologically driven economic policies.” More here.> Democrats Have Lost On Climate Change, And It’s Their Own Fault

The Paris Climate Agreement will cost at least $1 trillion per year, and climate activists say it will save the planet. The truth? It won’t do anything for the planet, but it will make everyone poorer–except politicians and environmentalists. Bjorn Lomborg explains.The Paris Climate Agreement Won’t Change the Climate

Excellent article, worth the time.> The War on Western Culture: how will it end?

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