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Memorial Day Weekend 2017.

Memorial DayIn honor of and in remembrance of our fallen heros. I hope and even pray, for just one minute maybe one day or dare I, one weekend. This country could set aside its differences and come together and remember what’s really important.

Our freedom and the heros that made the ultimate sacrifice for it. No One ever said it better than Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan A Soldiers Pledge

Veteran’s Day Speech by President Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan on War and Peace

Reagan – Peace Through Strength

Just A Common Soldier


I’ll be heading out to enjoy some fellowship with some old vet’s friend’s of mine to have a cold one and BBQ to honor our fallen brothers in arms.


In the chair, “Smokie” retired Navy Vet, man doe have some stories. In the middle “Johnny” or as I like to call him, “Jihad Johnny”, one of the coolest nicest guy you’d ever want to meet. He served in the Marines and the Army. At the end, Tim, one badass retired Marine. He’s been through it! One of the coolest nicest guy you’d ever want to meet too.

Here’s a little bit better picture of clan with one other Vet. Gene, Navy vet that served on the USS Oriskany and some youngster that likes to hang out for some reason.3 geezers a kid and a giant2

God bless America. Have a great, safe and good weekend. #MAGABob

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