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News and Headlines. 2/5/2018

A robot named Erica is due to become an on-air news anchor in Japan.

Politics, In The News, World News, Tech Watch, Immigration, Deep State/Government Corruption, Commentary/Opinion not necessarily in that order covered in New And Headlines today. Scroll down for all the latest.

Mainstream Media Outlets Banish Contents Of Republican Memo From Front Page Coverage

In their front-page coverage of the story, mainstream media outlets gave readers no indication of the contents of a declassified memo released by the House Intelligence Committee on Friday.

The memo alleges the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice abused their power to obtain permission from a secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to spy on the Trump campaign.

Mexican immigrant without license accused in DUI death of Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson

The man accused of killing an NFL player and another man in a DUI-related crash Sunday morning is a Mexican immigrant whom authorities are trying to deport, according to charging documents.

Police say 37-year-old Alex Cabrera Gonsales drove a black Ford F-150 pickup truck onto the emergency shoulder along Interstate 70 around 4 a.m. Sunday, plowed into a ride-share vehicle, and killed Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson and 54-year-old Jeffrey Monroe of Avon.

Booking documents from the Marion County Jail, which can be searched for at http://inmateinfo.indy.gov/IML and found at case number 1804804, show that Mr. Cabrera Gonsales is an immigrant from Mexico who is subject to deportation.

Super Bowl Ratings Plummet to 8-Year Low

Super Bowl LII will go down as one of the most entertaining championship games in recent memory. However, for the NFL, it will go down as the lowest-rated Super Bowl game in recent memory.

Ohio toddler found ‘frozen’ on family’s front porch, pronounced dead at hospital

AKRON — Police say a 2-year-old Akron girl died after her mother found her outside in freezing weather on the family’s front porch Friday afternoon.

Neighbors told WKYC the woman has two kids and that yelling can often be heard coming from the home. While most never expected something like this to occur, one woman says she often saw the children outside and had to bring them home to their mother more than once.

“It was a few times where I had to take both of her kids home,” Christal Lucas said. “It’s just a very sad situation. It literally broke my heart.”

A violent bike-riding mob has smashed up several cars and terrorized drivers in Manhattan, leaving one police officer with minor injuries.

Violent NYC bicycle mob is caught on camera smashing cars and terrorizing drivers in shocking coordinated attack that left one cop injured

The roving gang of 14 to 16 bicycle riders descended on New York’s Chelsea neighborhood near West 23rd Street and Seventh Avenue at around 5pm on Saturday, police said.

Video from the scene shows males on bikes, some in masks, riding the wrong way in traffic, surrounding cars and harassing drivers.


Kamala Harris will vote to shut down the government again over Dreamers

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., said Monday she would vote this against a bill to keep the government open past Thursday unless language is added to help “Dreamers.”

John McCain shoots down wall funding in new DACA deal

Sen. John McCain is reportedly joining with Democratic colleague Christopher Coons to introduce legislation that gives Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals’ illegals a path to citizenship, but denies President Donald Trump his funding to build a wall.

McCain giving the Democrats what they want at the expense of the Republicans — now there’s something you don’t see every day, right? Not.

Trump slams ‘Little’ Adam Schiff as ‘one of the biggest liars and leakers’ in Washington

President Trump blasted the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee Monday amid the mounting fight over the panel’s ‘surveillance’ memo, calling “Little Adam Schiff” one of the “biggest liars and leakers in Washington.”

The president’s early Monday tweet came as Democrats, led by Schiff, continued to condemn majority Republicans for publishing the memo claiming authorities used a salacious anti-Trump dossier to obtain a warrant to monitor a Trump associate.

Why is liberal California the poverty capital of America?

It’s not as though California policymakers have neglected to wage war on poverty. Sacramento and local governments have spent massive amounts in the cause. Several state and municipal benefit programs overlap with one another; in some cases, individuals with incomes 200% above the poverty line receive benefits. California state and local governments spent nearly $958 billion from 1992 through 2015 on public welfare programs, including cash-assistance payments, vendor payments and “other public welfare,” according to the Census Bureau. California, with 12% of the American population, is home today to about one in three of the nation’s welfare recipients.

The generous spending, then, has not only failed to decrease poverty; it actually seems to have made it worse.

Deep State / Government Corruption:

Dershowitz: Every American Has a Stake in Making Sure the FBI Remains Accountable

Legal expert Alan Dershowitz warned that the government surveillance abuses alleged in the controversial Republican FISA memo could be a “systemic problem.”

The memo asserts that a high-ranking law enforcement official stated in closed-door testimony that without the anti-Trump dossier, the FBI would not have been able to secure surveillance warrants on at least one member of the Trump campaign.

Steve King’s Memo Warning: ‘Watch Closely for Barack Obama’s Fingerprints’

“Watch closely for Barack Obama’s fingerprints,” said Rep. Steve King (R-IA) on Saturday, suggesting the recent alleged partisan weaponization of state surveillance powers could be connected to the 44th president.

Franklin Graham Says Media is Complicit in “Coup” to Destroy Trump

One of the nation’s most prominent Christian leaders said he fears President Trump is facing a grave domestic threat by forces who want to take over the White House.

“I believe we are in a coup d’etat,” Franklin Graham said Wednesdayon the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “There are people in this country who are wanting to destroy the president and take over the government by force.”

SARA CARTER: Deep State is “Terrified” of the Second Anti-Trump Dossier that’s Coming Out (VIDEO)

Investigative journalist Sara Carter went on FOX and Friends on Sunday morning to discuss the explosive FISA memo that was released on Friday.Sara Carter says Deep State is “terrified” of the second bogus dossier that is coming out.

Clinton associates fed information to Trump dossier author Steele, memo says

Clinton associates were “feeding” allegations to former British spy Christopher Steele at the same time he was compiling the controversial anti-Trump dossier paid for by the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign, according to an unclassified memo from senior Senate Republicans who recently made a criminal referral.


Border security experts: The wall isn’t enough, legal loopholes must be closed

SAN ANTONIO — Despite all the talk of a border wall to curb illegal immigration, Trump administration officials and border security experts at this week’s Border Security Expo agreed that it’s just as important to fix legal loopholes that continue to draw immigrants north.

MAGA vs. DACA: How Trump Supporters Trumped Bleeding Heart Liberals on Late Night TV

Last week, Jimmy Kimmel, the late-night talk show host with a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, wanted to host a segment with voters who oppose DACA. To find willing guests, ABC casting had reached out to me and fellow Trump supporters to appear on the show. At first, I was reluctant. Kimmel uses every shame-inducing prop imaginable to attack President Trump and conservatives in general. I reached out to a friend and fellow activist, Robin Hvidston, director of We the People Rising, for advice. She encouraged me to go with her and four others: Chanell Temple, Wes Parker, Lorie Masonas, and Celeste Grieg. All of us know each in other conservative circles throughout Southern California.

After a brief “rehearsal,” we finally met Jimmy Kimmel who interviewed each of us about the program. I told him that nearly 50% of DACA recipients are fraudulent, and illegals commit proportionally more crime than Americans. He finished our brief interview with: “I want you to meet somebody.”

Fierce DACA Opponents Meet DREAMer Family Face to Face

Latino Civil Rights Group “Caves” to Pressure from “DREAMers,” Withdraws Support for White House Amnesty

The president of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) has retracted a letter he sent to President Trump endorsing the White House’s proposal for an amnesty of 1.8 million illegal aliens.

Roger Rocha Jr., President of LULAC blames “bad timing” for the backlash to the letter, noting that it was sent before the State of the Union.  Many open border groups and illegal alien activists have called for Rocha Jr. to resign as the president of LULAC. From their point of view, anything short of a clean and comprehensive amnesty, with no enforcement provisions or changes to family chain migration, is unacceptable.

The controversy is not in mentioning MS-13, but in denying it is a real threat

World News:

The Latest: Iraqi spokesman confirms US forces drawing down

The Latest on the drawdown of U.S. forces from Iraq following defeat of the Islamic State group (all times local):1517827668606

1:40 p.m.

An Iraqi government spokesman has confirmed to The Associated Press that the drawdown of American forces from Iraq has begun following Baghdad’s declaration of victory over the Islamic State group.

Government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi says “the battle against Daesh has ended and so the level of the American presence will be reduced.” Daesh is the Arabic language acronym for IS.

Slovakia Will Build Border Wall – PM Says “We Will Never Accept a Single Muslim”

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico announced this week that he will build a great border fence.

The conservative prime minister also told supporters Slovakia will NEVER accept a single Muslim in the country.

Tech Watch:

Lifelike robot to land TV news anchor gig

It’s tough to see good jobs lost to automation, but this is one most aren’t likely to mourn.

A robot named Erica is due to become an on-air news anchor in Japan.

A robot named Erica is due to become an on-air news anchor in Japan.

Erica is a lifelike android created by Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro

Erica is a lifelike android created by Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro, director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University and a prominent, if controversial, figure in the robotics world. (Dr. Ishiguro was recently profiled in a WIRED article about the future of human-robot intimacy.)

LuminosityLink spyware giving attackers total control of your PC is taken out by cops

Buyers of the nasty LuminosityLink remote-access trojan will no longer be able to use their spying tool.

The UK’s National Crime Agency says it’s disabled a widely-used remote-access trojan (RAT) that was used across 78 countries and sold to over 8,600 buyers.

The RAT, dubbed LuminosityLink, surfaced in mid-2015 and was marketed as a legitimate tool for Windows administrators and business owners to “manage a large amount of computers concurrently”.

Commentary / Opinion:

February 5, 2018: Ep. 648 The Democrats Are Lying About Their Own Lies

The Democrats are lying so often about the memo that they’re forgetting their lies. I debunk their nonsense today on my podcast

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