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News and Headlines. 8/6/2018

The research taking place on the International Space Station is providing

News and Headlines. In The News, Tech Watch,(Censorship,Free Speech,FaceBook,Google,YouTube,Space), Politics/President Trump/Immigration, World News, Commentary/Opinion, Video’s. In The News: Fatal Shooting, Crash Shuts Down Lanes On Bay Bridge This is the second shooting to […]

News and Headlines.7/10/2018

Anthony Diaz-Garcia has been captured

In The News, Immigration, President Trump, Politics, World news, Commentary/Opinion. In The News: Trump pardons Oregon ranchers at center of 40-day standoff President Trump on Tuesday pardoned a pair of Oregon ranchers whose arson conviction became […]

News and Headlines. 7/2/2018

Doran George, 48,

News and Headlines. In The News, President Trump, World News, Commentary/Opinion. In The News: New York state trooper killed responding to domestic dispute, official says A New York state trooper was shot […]

News and Headlines. 6/28/2018

Homeland Security police officers

News and Headlines. In The News, Politics/Deep State/Government Corruption, World News, Commentary/Opinion. In The News: Gazette journalists tweet about the shooting inside their building: ‘Please help us Multiple people were shot in […]

News and Headlines. 6/21/2018

News and Headlines. In The News, Immigration, Politics/Election’s/Government/Corruption, World News, Commentary/Opinion. Keeping you Informed. In The News: U.S. top court lets states force online retailers to collect sales tax In a 5-4 […]

News and Headlines. 6/15/2018

Humberto Guzman-Garcia, 35, was charged with the abduction and sexual assault

News and Headlines. Lot’s of News and Headlines covered today, keeping you informed. In The News, President Trump/Politics, Immigration, World News, Commentary/Opinion. In The News: Consumer sentiment climbs as rising wages offset […]

News and Headlines. 5/30/2018

News and Headlines. In The News, President Trump, World News, Economy, Commentary/Opinion. In The News: Dickson County deputy shot, killed; Search for suspect underway DICKSON, TN — The search is underway for the […]

News and Headlines. 5/25/2018

Rachel Dolezal,

News and Headlines. In The News, Memorial Day Weekend Tribute, Commentary/Opinion, ‘Make No Mistake’ — Legendary Marine’s Parting Tribute To The Corps Will Send Shivers Up Your Spine Marine Sergeant Major Bradley Kasal […]

News and Headlines. 5/22/2018

Slain officer is Police Officer First Class Caprio.

News and Headlines. In The News, INCYMI, Tech Watch, Deep State/Government Corruption, Commentary/Opinion, World News. Sanctuary California: Two previously deported rapists re-arrested in California From KESQ:  Border Patrol agents arrest two convicted sex offenders […]

News and Headlines. 5/16/2018

Jonathan Allen, left, and Ina Rogers, right, were arrested after police found 10 children living in "horrible" conditions

In The News. News and Headlines. Man finds treasure in own backyard after finally opening ‘cable box’ NEW YORK – Treasure was found in May, not buried on a deserted island but languishing […]

News and Headlines. 5/10/2018

Martin and Jolene LaFrance, both 35, were arrested Friday

Big News day obviously, lot’s to be informed about. In News and Headlines today, In The News, World News, President Trump, Politics, Deep State. Scroll down for some excellent Commentary/Opinion. U.S. ‘net neutrality’ […]