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News and Headlines. 11/13/2018

News and Headlines. INCYMI, In The News, Politics, SCOTUS, World News, Commentary/Opinion. INCYMI: From The Story, Martha MacCallum Fox News Video: Community’s touching tribute to a fallen American hero Major Brent Taylor, mayor of […]

News and Headlines. 5/30/2018

News and Headlines. In The News, President Trump, World News, Economy, Commentary/Opinion. In The News: Dickson County deputy shot, killed; Search for suspect underway DICKSON, TN — The search is underway for the […]

News and Headlines. 4/19/2018

Frederick Amdo, an Uber driver from Ghana, was arrested in connection with a rap

Today in News and Headlines Excellent Commentary/Opinion on James Comey and Andrew McCabe, Racism and Blacks In Power. In The News, Immigration/Sanctuary State, World News. In The News: Tennessee boy, 7, dragged off […]

News and Headlines. 3/1/2018


Because it’s so blatant but not reported in the “Mainstream Media” we start off with American Hate and Bias. Scroll down for the rest of the News and Headlines. American Hate and Bias: […]